#TMC14 Going Outside My Comfort Zone and Going Forward

4 Aug

#TCM14 was fun, enlightening, energizing, and scary.

It made me step outside of my comfort-zone. I listened. I learned. I presented. I sat in the front row. And I made myself socialize. This time I did not stand by the wall and take it all in, well not that much. Instead I found a seat and introduced myself to someone new. Chit-chat, even where you are from and what session you went to earlier, does not come easy for me. BUT I DID IT!

There were times I wanted a placard that said “Introvert – Ask Me To Join Your Group for ___”. Instead I found someone I knew and invited myself. Because of that, I met a variety of interesting new people and had some great conversations. So a big THANK YOU to all who said “yes, join us!”

Since returning from Jenks, OK I have spent my days on Coursera Calculus: Single Variable class that I have been enrolled in since May! This class has become my full-time job for the summer, and yes, it is hard as professor @robertghrist said it would be in his very first lecture (his words, not mine – I would say challenging). To that end, I have not had much time to digest #TMC14.

I did, however, make plans to “spread the word” about #MTBoS and #TMC. My county hosts an annual required professional development day in late August. I was scheduled to share a worksheet-makeover-activity, but instead I am going to share about #MTBoS and #TMC, I don’t want my session to be a recap of #TMC14 because most of the folks I have mentioned it to don’t know about it and think I am off my rocker – Twitter Math Camp, really? Instead I plan to show Desmos, Mathalicious, Global Math Department, blogs, tweets. I want to capture the who, what, where, how and why. Big aspiration, I realize.

Please, help me out.  I have my own ideas, but how would you answer these questions? (Choose as many as you please)

  1. Who are #MTBoS?
  2. What does #MTBoS do?
  3. Where does #MTBoS hang out?
  4. How can I get involved with #MTBoS?

One Response to “#TMC14 Going Outside My Comfort Zone and Going Forward”

  1. samjshah August 4, 2014 at 4:47 pm #

    I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    Some of those questions are answered on this site we made: http://mathtwitterblogosphere.weebly.com/

    Also, I think we will be having a “new blogger initiation” for anyone who wants to get involved but needs a little push/structure in early October.

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