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Murder Mystery!

2 Aug

Last week at #TMC13 I presented Trigonometry Murder Mystery¬†at one of the “My Favorites” session. I used this activity with my Algebra 2/Trig class to review. The activity involves using the basic trig functions (sine, cosine, tangent), Law of Sines and Law of Cosines, including a few word problems.

There are 6 “clues” for the students to solve, each eliminating either a suspect, a weapon or a location. Since the clues did not have to be solved in any particular order, it allowed the students to have ownership by choosing their clue. As the students worked in groups they also had competition and were very concerned about not letting another group see their clue – and I did not even offer a “reward” for solving the crime! I knew this activity was a hit when we ran out of time to complete and the next day students asked¬†to work on it more!

TrigonometryMurderMystery TrigonometryMurderMystery_ANSWERS

I hope you have success with these!