Reflections from Students

25 Jun

I am finally posting after way too long. Not being able to access my any blog from school meant that I had to post at home. Even when I thought … “I’d like to share this on my blog …” by the time I got home and did the home stuff that feeling had evaporated. So, here comes summer (out 1 week today), and as I begin to unpack some of the stuff I lugged home and start to think about what I want to accomplish, I found this –

We had a a CRAZY May and June, running different schedules every day for 6 weeks! Our day was generally the same in May – 1st block 3 hours, 2nd block 90 minutes interrupted by a 25 minute lunch, 3rd block 40 minutes – and in June – 1st block 2 hours, 2nd block 2 hours, 3rd block 90 minutes interrupted by a 25 minute lunch – 4th block 20 minutes.  And to top it off, the blocks were all different period orders each day and you may not see a specific period for 3, 4, 5 or more days. Keeping up with those days and keeping the lessons figured out was a job in itself.

So, on one of those 20 minute periods when my students had finished the curriculum and all exempted out of their final exam, I gave them a feedback assignment. Two pieces of paper – one  colored and one white. On the colored paper they were to write good things and on the white paper, bad things. I was pleasantly surprised with what I received:


“I like how you posted up corrected homework answers online so I could go through and look at what I didn’t understand”

“I found the tests/quizzes to be on topic and easy if I knew the information”

“You were one of the sweetest teachers I have had this year. I actually wanted to come to your class and learn one of my favorite subjects.”

“You understand how the Smartboard works.”

“Thank you for staying after school for help.”

“Whenever I needed help you were always there to help me. I really appreciate the letter you gave to help motivate me, it was really thoughtful and it definitely did motivate me.”

“Notes online.”

“I think the amount of homework, the quizzes, and your teaching all were great and I wouldn’t know Algebra 2 the way I do without you.”

“Strict but fair.”


“I should have done all of the extra credit opportunities. And the homework.”

“There should be more incentive to do homework.”

“I have to do my homework.”

“Understood what you would teach in class but them screwed me in the test.”

“Not using the calculators – it was just cruel.”

Wish I had the opportunity to do this with all classes, but the schedule did not warrant. More posts to come as I unpack. Looking forward to #TMC13 and learning how to twitter!


3 Responses to “Reflections from Students”

  1. Kate Nowak June 26, 2013 at 3:41 am #

    You can’t access blogs from school? That’s CRAZY. Are they blocked? Does your school realize they are keeping you from a thing that can help you improve at your job? Can you figure out whose decision that is, and become a nuisance until they change their mind? Because, yikes. That’s practically teacher abuse.

    • gooberspeaks June 26, 2013 at 12:02 pm #

      Yes, any site with the word “blog” in the URL seems to be blocked. It is indeed crazy! We can request specific sites be unblocked, but it is another form to complete, and where do you draw the line when you have to request for each one?

      Thanks for the reply!

      • Kate Nowak June 26, 2013 at 12:26 pm #

        I know I am talking out my butt and I have no idea what it’s like at your school, BUT, I’m going to keep talking anyway. 🙂 Someone there has the power to stop blocking every URL with “blog” in it. It might be worth your time to find that person and bug them until they do what you want to make you go away. Especially if you can recruit some friends to bug them, too.

        That said, I know how intimidating school bureaucracies can be. Blah.

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