Staying Sane …

26 Aug

… and It’s Only Been Teacher Day 1!

Friday we had our first teacher meeting, 4 hours of overwhelmingness! I think my motto this year may just have to be Keep Calm and Carry On (thank you British government). So for this post I am going to provide some vainglorious advice about my ways of staying sane through the school year.

1. Plan. We all know how to plan for our classes. You may forced to use (turn in?) some form or just meet the ever-changing requirements of the PPP (what does it say when a district needs 30+ pages to describe how they will grade teachers and we are still confused?!) But, for me planning our dinners for the week makes my life seen sane. Instead of driving home thinking about what we are going to have for dinner and do I have all the ingredients … every weekend I spend time planning 4-6 meals for the week, making a shopping list, and hitting the markets (farm and franchise). Lucky for us the farm market is Sunday morning and we usually his the grocery store Sunday evening on the way home from dinner with my family. So that leaves all day Saturday for this rather enjoyable planning, and I even allow make the hubby contribute his ideas each week. Me, as executive chef, has the right to nix any suggestion.

In addition to providing organization and a sense of sanity to my week, it also provides time for me to read and use the 4+ cooking magazines I get each month. Usually the weekly meals come out of these magazines.

2. Play. There is nothing more centering, relaxing, and fun than spending some quality time with a super cute 2 year old! It usually ends up with me building MegaBlocks structures and him destroying. Parking Garages, Tunnels, and Tower Cranes … oh my!! Or reading I am a Backhoe by Anna Grossnickle six Imagetimes in a row! (It really is a cute book for a little one interested in big equipment).

3. Read. Read anything but usually some non-Hemingway-esque novel. Usually it it something from the “New” section at the library, but I will also peruse the stacks. And, yes, covers matter. I admit, I choose a book by its cover.

4. Cook. Okay, not everyone is into this, but I find my nothing more centering and relaxing than cooking those pre-planned dinners. And, I my wonderful spouse is usually my sous chef as well as chief bottle washer. What more could I ask for! I can definitely tell it is end-of-summer as the bounty of peaches, corn and okra has diminished, but in its place is apples and winter squashes. I love the seasons of food found at our local farm market!

5. Ignore … the dust bunnies. Yes, they will continue to multiply as all rabbits do. But dust bunnies don’t each much. When the time is right, the vacuum will do its job!

6. Make Time to do something special with someone special. Whether it is a morning hike at a local park, going to a museum, or dinner at someplace different, we try to make time to do something out-of-the-ordinary on a fairly regular basis (every quarter?). The hard part is remembering to write down and consult previously identified ideas.

I also try to make time to work on my cross stitch. Currently I am doing these Santas for my mom (1-6 she has, #7 this Christmas). #7 is stitched, just needs mounted as an ornament, which I do myself. And this one I hope to finish time to give to my Aunt and Uncle for Christmas. I have adjusted the pattern a bit to have the border go all the way around. I also may make a some other adjustments. I would say this one is just over 50% complete. I find spending time on this gives me


both an artistic outlet and a sense of accomplishment. Image 







This bit of avuncular advice not only for any readers, but for me, to go back and remember how to get centered, to keep calm and carry on!


3 Responses to “Staying Sane …”

  1. Emily Allman August 28, 2012 at 2:44 am #

    Love your centering thoughts. I have two little ones at home and a couple of hobbies that are so easy to leave in the dust when life gets busy. But your post makes me want to draw fairies and dragons and play the piano!

  2. Steve Grossberg September 8, 2012 at 5:16 am #

    My school is named for Winston Churchill, and our latest t-shirt design (saw my first one yesterday) has “Keep Calm and Carry On” on the back. Funny coincidence to see it here as well. Or karma. Or something like that.

    I hope I can be as organized in keeping my own peace this year as you sound in this post. I think I’ll go for a walk right now, in fact. Thanks for the kick start!


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